Invest in the best this financial year

Image: Invest in the best this financial year

The new financial year is fast approaching, and for most businesses this means budgets are refreshed and IT managers can look at new technologies that could help the business succeed. As leading office technology specialists,  we’ve researched the best technology to invest in before April 2018.

Cyber Security
Our own research carried out recently, found that 18% of UK business’ IT systems have been hacked or spammed in the last 12 months and more than half of that was due to phishing emails – attempts from scammers to trick you into giving away your personal details over email

You may think your cyber security is up-to-date and secure, but that might not always be the case. Even by updating your passwords regularly and ensuring that you have a high level of protection, you will improve workplace document security (especially important if you deal with high volumes of confidential data).

Biometrics in the workplace is no longer a vision of the future and will help lead to a more secure network, with new levels of security for any online threat. Typed passwords are easier to hack than a fingerprint or retina scan. Biometrics gives you that extra level of security needed to dissuade hackers from pursuing your company.

Anti-spyware technology is another software system that allows businesses to keep confidential information secure and prevent leaks to potential criminals attempting to fraud your business. Many programmes will notify the user if unauthorised people download any potentially harmful documents.

Many businesses around the country are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and ensure that their business thrives in an environmentally friendly manner.However, not many businesses are aware that this can be done simply by assessing the printing strategy in an office.

Pull printing is only oneway to print smarter, whilst also helping to save the environment.
This type of printing requires a pin entry or identification card to confirm the print job at the print site before the document is printed

This technology ensures that confidential documents can be printed with ease and that wasted paper is reduced, with a large reduction in uncollected print jobs.

By adopting an effective printing strategy, which instills environmentally friendly principles, businesses can join the carbon-friendly movement, currently sweeping the nation.

Artificial intelligence

The newest form of technology on the list is artificial intelligence (AI). From customer service, to your very own assistant, AI has the aim of making complicated tasks easier in the office.

Although the products aren’t currently on the market, the innovations look promising, from making meetings more efficient by creating a searchable transcript, to understanding a customer’s dilemma and acting accordingly with no human intervention.

We expect to see an impressive, functional model of AI in situ in UK offices before the end of the next financial year.

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