How will you be introduced to managed document solutions?

Image: How will you be introduced to managed document solutions?

Managed document solutions (MDS) is often mistaken for something that only applies to print, but in actual fact goes far beyond printing. It can improve your whole workflow and office processes as well as manage and optimise your information.

Although it sounds high-tech and complicated, it isn’t the case. Managed document solutions are really easy to introduce and can mean a complete overhaul, streamlining and reassessing your processes and workflow. Here is how it should happen:

Understanding what makes your organisation tick is the key to a successful managed document solution. To identify where changes should be made in order to improve your business performance, your vendor should conduct an in-depth analysis covering your workflow processes and usage patterns and calculate the actual costs of running your operation. This will give them (and you) a complete picture of your business and pinpoint problematic or ineffective areas.

The results of the investigation will establish the best way forward for your MDS. The vendor should then set out a tailored strategy based upon these findings and design the infrastructure to make you significant savings with sustainable benefits. Once you have agreed this strategy your vendor should then begin to develop a model and schedule that will optimise your printing equipment and introduce best practice to your staff.

Once the strategy has been agreed, your vendor’s project team and IT specialists will become involved in order to implement the MDS. They will use the very latest technology in combination with workflow solutions and integrated software.

Whilst the technological practicalities should work in synergy with strategy, internal acceptance from your staff is crucial to the success of a managed document solution. In order to make the transition to new processes as pain-free for your team as possible, your vendor should support them with expert advice and on-going training.

The vendor’s involvement shouldn’t stop once the services are up and running, they will continue to monitor every aspect of the process to ensure that it is delivering what was agreed in the original strategy. They will also proactively look to identify new ways of working that will refine and enhance the existing benefits and savings of the ‘document management systems’ to further improve productivity.

Managed document solutions are not a quick fix; instead you should see them as a programme of continuous evaluation. You should work together in a supportive and mutually beneficial partnership based upon trust, honesty and openness.

This is how we introduce MDS to our clients and we design our services to significantly improve the productivity of any business with a print and copy environment tailored to specific requirements. We will rationalise the business processes, improve the effectiveness of the workflow and identify where time and resources are being wasted.

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