How to protect your computer when out of the office

Image: How to protect your computer when out of the office

With cybercrime on the rise, millions are being targeted yearly so it’s important to protect your devices, especially when you find yourself out of the office. Travelling for work is quite common, but are you prepared and protected from those seeking to hack you on-the-go?

Your laptops, tablets, and mobile devices are most vulnerable in public areas, so the best way to ensure you avoid being hacked, is through security. You can achieve this by making sure your devices are up to date on all recent software updates and installing a top of the range security system to combat firewalls. Systems becoming increasingly popular are those that provide threat detection and those requiring multiple verifications between linked devices, providing an added level of security.

The simplest of ways to enhance your cyber security is by regularly updating your passwords and using a pop-up blocker when browsing the web. Hackers are notorious for finding ways to sneak in, and have done so by disguising themselves as pop-up ads or prizes. Make sure to avoid any tempting email offers you may be unsure about, no matter how legitimate they seem.

When using your device out of office, you’ll most likely be accessing public Wi-Fi. Although popular and convenient, this can also play host to a number of cyber dangers. The best way to avoid hackers is through the use of portable Wi-Fi or personal hotspots with locked and limited access.

If you find that despite your efforts you’ve been hacked, take the necessary steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Stay up to date on news surrounding security systems and invest in cyber insurance. Most importantly, back up everything onto an external hard drive regularly.

Cybercrime can be damaging and unexpected but the one thing you can control is that you don’t lose any information stored on your devices.

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