How to cut print costs

Image: How to cut print costs

SME’s come in all shapes and sizes, however one thing they have in common is that everyone wants to cut their costs. Print costs are, for the most part, seen as unavoidable in many organisations, and it’s seen by many to be an element of company spending that is simply unavoidable.

If this sounds like you, take note – whilst printing will always be an expense, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Take these points on board, and instil some of these beliefs in your staff members, and the savings will soon mount up.

Think don’t print
Sometimes, when we receive an email document, it’s almost become second nature to hit the print button. The likelihood is that, once we’ve collected our printout, it’ll sit on a desk for days and eventually be thrown in the bin.
Make your office more digitally focused

If you receive something to pass on to a colleague, don’t print the sheet out for them, just simply forward it via email. If your staff were given a second chance to change their mind after printing, on many occasions they’d veto the job.

Technologies such as pull print mean that staff are required to authenticate a print job at the actual printer, which means you’ll put an end to the many sheets of wasted paper that sit in the print tray uncollected.

Eliminate personal printers
They might seem convenient and cheaper than installing a full managed print service, but in reality, having a series of unlinked personal printers is an expensive way to run your office. The ink cost on personal machines like this can be extortionate, and the many technical problems that you’ll encounter will lead to hours of wasted staff power. The most effective way to run your office printers is through installing a managed print network, meaning that the devices are shared and can be managed with relative ease.

Go virtual
From important invoice documents to the mail that filters into your office newsroom, more organisations than ever are embracing a digital working style. Document and data capture technologies now allow businesses to upload all documents, be they digital or hard copy into a centralised location on the company network.

It makes the data more secure, saves you money on printing and means you don’t need to waste office space on finding somewhere to store documents.

Cut out colour
As a business owner, you should be taking the lead when it comes to establishing your company habits, especially when the result is saving company finances. Make sure that your default print settings are black and white, as unnecessarily printing in colour is a vastly more expensive option. BYOD and mobile print is growing in many companies, and the fact that people are using their mobile devices in such abundance should lead to lower volumes of printed documents.

Incorporating tablet computers into your office means that documents are portable in their digital format, eliminating the need for printing in many cases.

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