How to beat increasing office energy costs

Image: How to beat increasing office energy costs

With the recent rises in energy costs there is increasing pressure to make offices more cost effective. You’d be surprised at how just simple changes in your office environment can make a difference. Environmental compliance is often something an organisation is keen to do, but doesn’t necessarily have the time to concentrate on. With the rise in energy costs there is no better time to address this issue.

One area that is often overlooked is office printing, yet it can yield significant savings in many cases. The first stage is to explore is the number of print devices an organisation possesses and how these are procured. This should be established through a comprehensive print audit which maps all your devices, providing total cost of ownership and accurate measurement of carbon impact. Desktop print devices are typically procured through petty cash with consumables bought off the high street, which is an extremely costly operation. Adopting shared workgroup printing through multifunctional devices enables more energy efficient devices to be utilised which have a lower carbon footprint, consuming less power, but also offers staff better functionality.

Such changes in an organisation often face resistance from staff concerned about printing to a shared device. This can easily be overcome by adopting a secure print solution, which ensures each user authenticates themselves at the device to retrieve their documents. This can be done through PIN codes, swipe cards or even biometrics. If the document is not retrieved within 24 hours it is cleared from the print log. This offers considerable financial and carbon savings, as well as minimising waste and improved document security.

Looking at how print is used within an organisation can also play a crucial role in carbon footprint. Advances in workflow solutions ensure documents are automated, eliminating human error and provides accurate allocation and secure storage of documents, which results in audit trails and clear footprints of all documents, enabling greater control over print output.

Another aspect for consideration during implementation of any new solution is around adopting a positive culture change. Getting staff to ‘think about print’, so they understand what they print and why they print it. There are a multitude of methods to do this, such as nominating a ‘green champion’ within your organisation to encourage staff to switch to the more efficient system and use it properly, stage road shows to demonstrate the working solution before full roll out and communication campaigns through posters, emails and intranet messaging to engage with users.

Furthermore, simple changes can go a long way such as ensuring ‘greener’ device settings are activated, such as, sleep modes when the device is inactive, rules based printing to only print mono for example, and double sided printing as default can all contribute towards lowering your environmental impact.

If done correctly an effective managed print strategy can reduce print costs for businesses by up to 40%.

Please visit to learn more, you’ll find lots of advice and top tips on how to cut your office costs. Your print solutions shouldn’t cost the earth; just small changes can make a big difference.

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