How technology can improve workplace efficiency

Image: How technology can improve workplace efficiency

Technology has massively overhauled the way in which we carry out our most mundane day-to-day tasks. From booking a train ticket to paying the bills, smart technology has become our first port of call to complete our to-do lists. So it’s no surprise that this technology is also revolutionising our day-to-day office tasks. But just how much can this technology improve a company’s efficiency?

A portable workplace

Utilising the latest technology provides the opportunity for a ‘portable workplace’. Employees can work anytime, any place and on any device. Nowadays, work is viewed by many as no longer a place you go, but something you do. The portability of smart technology offers flexibility to work in more familiar places, whether it’s from home or a café, and can significantly impact an employee’s productivity.

Energy efficiency

Energy costs for businesses, especially SMEs, are often a main challenge. But by utilising the IoT and sensors across the office, everything from lighting and temperature to specific appliances can be regulated and lead to increased energy efficiency and cheaper bills.

Improved IT systems

Whether it’s through speeding up existing processes or introducing new ones, new technology can improve many aspects of a business. As one example, cloud computing and outsourced service providers can drastically improve IT systems, and also allow for data to be more easily and quickly accessible to employees.

New ways of working

New technologies such as SMART boards can hugely change how employees go about their day to day tasks. With SMART boards, brainstorming new ideas has never been simpler. As well as allowing contributions across different locations, the boards allow for the work to be emailed straight to employees, instead of copying notes from a traditional flip board.

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