How SME’s can benefit from Managed Print Services

Image: How SME’s can benefit from Managed Print Services

Finance plays a huge role in the business life of an SME, so for many, it’s vital to ensure management and employees do everything in their power to protect the company financially through implementing everyday cost saving strategies. In the business world, print is a key aspect of working life, and although the paperless office may be seen as more of a pipe dream to many organisational leaders, cutting print costs is a manageable compromise.

Most small and medium businesses are unaware of how much they spend on printing. It’s hardly a surprise, but to many, these outgoings are effectively seen as an unmonitored and unknown cost. It can, however, be a hugely significant one, with industry estimates suggesting that many organisations spend between one and six percent of their annual revenues on it funding print within the company.

This might seem like a relatively small figure, however it makes the potential for savings a huge one.

To many leaders and business owners, a ‘head in the sand’ mentality is taken when it comes to print, with many just assuming the outlays on print are a cost of business and something which can’t be adapted. One answer, however, is to implement managed print services to establish a level of control when it comes to the print habits of staff. The primary objective of any MPS implementation is to drive down the overall print cost and reduce the total cost of ownership associated with an unmanaged print environment. Carrying our a print audit on your organisation will provide an insight into current costs and organisational print habits, opening up many SME’s to huge savings down the line.

By auditing a print fleet and upgrading to a managed print service, SMEs can drive down costs whilst also enhancing productivity levels and allowing staff to benefit from access to the latest print technologies.

With a services such as this, the long-term benefits of implementation vast for many organisations. When it comes to monitoring print habits, managed print services allow you to monitor your office print habits, search for printed documents and even departmentalise your findings to discover which staff are really taking on board the print culture you’re aiming to implement. The system also allows bosses and managers to budget to a more accurate degree, in essence meaning they can plan their expenditure more effectively.

In addition to saving financially, a managed print service also improves business technologies further down the line, as your company won’t be left outdated. If you simply buy a printer for the use of your SME, then within a relatively short period of time it will inevitably become outdated. A proper MPS, however, is flexible enough to move with the changing needs of an organisation and the progressions of industry technologies, meaning that your business is not only better equipped now, but also will be for the foreseeable future.

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