How robots will make their mark in the office

Image: How robots will make their mark in the office

In June this year, Birmingham University unveiled ‘Betty’, an autonomous robot that is taking the role of office manager- greeting guests, monitoring attendance and even noting clutter! Whilst seemingly a bizarre novelty, artificial intelligence (AI) and robots are getting closer and closer to the workplace. Here’s some ways they could potentially make a difference to day to day work!

Keeping a tidy and clean workspace is a pressure many managers’ can do without. Yet with advancements in convenience robotics, the issue could soon be solved. Simple solutions like automated vacuum cleaners have been around for a few years now, yet solutions are only going to get more advanced- such as Betty’s ability to identify clutter. So make sure your desk is tidy, or face a robotic-telling off!

HR tracking
Solutions which track check-in times to work have long been about, with card-swiping methods as well as traditional clock in elements. However, if Betty is anything to go by, workers could be getting policed by robots to check if they’re on time! A pretty bizarre thought, and no doubt likely to make any office robot pretty unpopular with the workforce.

Firms like Amazon have been assembling prototypes to aid in delivery of products and goods, such as ‘amazon prime air’ , and prototypes like this are likely to come to the market in the next decade. Drones handling deliveries offer convenience like never before, not to mention huge benefits to business logistics. However, it may take some time to get used to your monthly bills coming in to land!

Angry customers are volatile at the best of times, and are tricky to deal with. Researchers are looking to create robots that can deal with any issues and qualms, and you’ve probably already came across such technology- with instant messaging solutions on sites usually being operated by an AI operation. Furthermore, AI is being used to detect the best way to deal with angry customers by New Zealand tech firm Touchpoint. The potential seems vast, and such examples will take strain away from office managers- we just hope this branch of automation is more popular than the infamous automated answer phone!

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