How printing smarter can reduce your carbon emissions

Image: How printing smarter can reduce your carbon emissions

Being aware of your carbon footprint is something that is constantly at the forefront of most people’s minds these days. This trend is not just one for personal lives; businesses small, medium and large are also responsible for their carbon footprint, and are under increasing amounts of pressure to monitor the impact of theirs.

Saving carbon emissions not only saves the environment but it can also reduce overheads and save a business money, something that is vital in the current economy.

To help contribute to a greener planet that we can all be proud of, here are some of the ways that printing smarter can help to reduce carbon emissions for UK businesses:

Switch it off
Let’s start off simply. When you’re not using the printer, switch it off. It may sound obvious, but this is something that it overlooked more often that you would think, and this small but effective action takes a tiny amount of time, but can be vital when looking to reduce both carbon emissions and your electric bill.

Preview and review
An important function on word processors is the print preview capability. This nifty little button lets you see the document in all its glory, prior to incurring a cost by pressing print. Most of the time, you won’t actually need to print all of the pages in a document, and this capability allows you to select exactly which pages you do want to print. By doing this, you will save copious amounts of paper, ink and energy. Every little helps.

Double side it
Why use only one side of the paper when you can use both? You can enable this function in your print settings on most word processing applications. Making this the default option on all machines will ensure the paper will go twice as far and halves the amount of waste paper you produce. A classic win-win. To add to this, ensuring that your default print setting is black and white, rather than colour will save you a lot of money in terms of printer ink.

Thinner paper
Using thinner printing paper can be beneficial for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the cost of buying thinner printer paper is considerably lower than other paper types. Secondly, this thinner type of paper uses less energy in the entire printing process (from the feeder to the completed tray) This logical approach to printing ultimately saves businesses time, money and energy.

By following the principles listed above, businesses of any size and scale are able to reduce their carbon emissions. The main principle to instil in your employees is to ‘think before you print’. Encouraging employees to be more resourceful and responsible with their printing habits.
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