How office technology has changed throughout the 21st Century

Image: How office technology has changed throughout the 21st Century

Technology dramatically shapes the world of business and gives modern day offices the tools and abilities to communicate in a global market. The influx of different technology in the last ten years has been staggering, and now allows us to improve the way we work.

Some advancements are obvious, if you visited an office 20 years ago it would involve a large mailing department; PR practitioners would mail hundreds of press releases to journalists, lawyers would send confidential contracts in the post, and office mail rooms would process hundreds of envelopes every day.

The office of today is much less reliant on post, and more on email and the telephone – making for a much more fast-paced working environment. It isn’t just written communication that has evolved over the past 20 years, now meetings take place every day using Skype and other video software, conference calls are commonplace and nearly everybody is accessible outside of the office too - something that was considered a luxury in the 90’s.

Software and systems like Google Docs allows a full team to work on a presentation or planning document at the same time, meaning easier collaboration and increased productivity.

Instead of drafting a piece of work and sending it around the team for a full set of amends each time and putting it at risk of syncing issues, multiple employees can edit the same document at the same time, without risk of overriding the document and missing pieces of crucial information.

SMEs can even share documents with their clients, allows them to edit them and access pieces of information, cutting out the middle man – sending the copy across via email.

Time management
One of the biggest changes in recent technology is the advancement in time management and employee productivity software.

The use of this type of software and app helps to organise office schedules and meetings means a lot less time spent planning and more time on billable work.

Programmes such as time sheets and Outlook calendars will also increase transparency between your employees, and in some cases, clients, allowing you to ensure their time is being spent as efficiently as possible.

Cyber security
Increasing the sophistication of technology in an office can also increase the possibilities of falling victim to being hacked, or other forms of cyber-attack.

Hacking has become increasingly intelligent within the last ten years and can be a real threat for many offices – even those with the most up to date software and technology. Large conglomerates such as Yahoo and LinkedIn haven’t even been exempt from these invasions of privacy and security.

However, as general technology has become more sophisticated, so has innovative anti-spyware technology. This software allows businesses to keep confidential information secure and prevent leaks to potential criminals attempting to fraud your business.
Thanks to these technological improvements, our working lives have changed for the better, and companies can spend less money and time in order to complete the same amount of work, arguably to a better standard.
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