How effective are syncing devices?

Image: How effective are syncing devices?

With the help of technological network advancements, individuals are no longer restricted to using one device in a specific location at a certain time. Welcome to sync communication, a method of file sharing which is constantly challenging the nine till five work schedule.

The wealth of platforms available to the public to use to ‘sync up’ is extensive and is rapidly expanding, meaning individuals are no longer confined to the walls of the office. The speed, ease and effectiveness of this means it’s hardly a surprise that 55% of those who use a tablet at work are using file ‘sync and share’ tools. Take note of the pros of syncing in both the home and the office.

Here are a few benefits of syncing multiple devices.

Keeping in the loop
Having to rely on your fellow co-worker to email you that spreadsheet or remembering to jot down that important meeting date can all be in the past, due to businesses taking advantage of flexible syncing devices to keep team members constantly connected.  Material and ideas can be exchanged, edited and then saved without having to move from your device. The storage capacity and speed of syncing will only continue to increase, so offices are advised to not get left behind.

Remove time and location barriers
Even though no one wants to work 24/7, one of the benefits of syncing means files and data can be accessed from any device in any location. Whether on the road or working from home, having access to a syncing system means files are available at the touch of a button, no matter where you are in the world. It’s impossible to lug round heavy desktops so now click ‘save’ and you have access to all your files across a rapidly proliferating wealth of devices available to edit anytime anywhere.

Boosts efficiency in the workplace
Being stuck in the dark ages of emailing files and USB sticks could not only hinder productivity in the workplace but also adhering to old systems mean styles of working similarly remain old fashioned and not in touch with modern requirements. Staff need to have access to all materials needed to carry out their job and syncing files means they won’t waste time rooting through endless hard copies. Plus printing costs are significantly reduced as all tools are available in an online format.

Become connected
Every industry will have some kind of crisis or issue that will need to be dealt with as soon as possible. By syncing devices, you can never be caught off guard by missing that crucial email or not having the information at hand.

Gone are the days of 9-5, if businesses miss a vital opportunity it can harm their reputation, clients and revenue. By syncing your work devices, you are ensuring that your business is always reliable

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