How digital technology can truly deliver on your commitment to office safety?

Image: How digital technology can truly deliver on your commitment to office safety?

When it comes to office safety, adopting an efficient evacuation strategy in the event of an emergency demonstrates your genuine commitment to staff and visitors, and can even save lives.

Communication and access to real-time data is key in emergency situations. With Concept Digital Sign In, an efficient, safe evacuation ensures no one is left behind.

Real-time, powerful evacuation reports are always at your finger-tips to stay in control amidst a crisis.You have instant access to accurate data for everyone on site available through any device including your smartphone - making reliance on printed paper sign in sheets, visitor books and timesheets a thing of the past.

As people are marked off as safe or missing, the report is updated instantly in real-time across all devices. Visitors and staff unaccounted for can be identified as quickly as possible. Fire Marshals work together on a single report and post comments during the evacuation which are shared to ensure that evacuations are completed faster and with better communication than ever before, ideal for managing multiple evacuation points.

Conduct hassle-free drills to inspire confidence, and should the worse happen, you are safe in the knowledge that you can protect your visitors and staff to the best of your ability. Nothing is more important than the safety of your people and guests, and efficient evacuations can save lives. With Concept Digital Sign In, no one is left behind.

In fact, Concept Digital Sign In unlocks a raft of features to better manage your people, from contactless visitor and staff management that creates the best possible welcome, to booking desk and meeting rooms to manage capacity and lots more. Easy to install and at a cost that won’t challenge your budget, Concept Digital Sign In is the smartest box of tricks you can deliver to your workplace this year.

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