Finding the right managed print service for your business

Image: Finding the right managed print service for your business

Managed print services can make a huge impact on your business, increasing productivity as cost-effectively as possible. Nevertheless, to fully capitalise on this, you need to find the perfect solution for your business. So what do you need to think about when selecting the right managed print services for your organisation?

There are three main issues that your managed print service (MPS) should solve for you.

Amazingly, most businesses have no idea of the impact on time, money and resources their print environment is using. In many cases without even realising it, business processes are extremely wasteful and incredibly costly. Good managed print services should save you printing costs of up to 40% by improving the quality and output of your printing, managing your use of resources and ensuring your devices are performing to an optimum standard.

Minimising or even eliminating excessive wastage can also improve your business’ green credentials by reducing your overall energy consumption and outlay in consumables like toner, ink and paper.

Effective workflows will help your business to stay ahead of the competition. MPS software should streamline your existing processes to maximise productivity by taking away the administrative responsibility of managing your print environment on a day-to-day basis. This will free up staff to allow you to focus on what’s important - the running of your business. Good managed print services will keep a watchful eye over your entire print fleet, leaving you confident that each single machine is operating efficiently.

Many businesses have no idea who manages their print environment and unsecured they could become victims of fraudulent activity. Managed print services will reduce the risks associated with confidential material by ensuring that information is secure through permission-only access to authorised personnel.

So when choosing managed print services for your organisation, you should consider these issues - will the software and services you are considering tackle and alleviate these problems?

Ideally, managed print services should be customised to suit your business’ specific processes and workflows and there should be no limit to the number of devices it can cover. The design should be conceived to ensure your print environment’s efficiency is maximised to improve your print output whilst making significant print cost savings.

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