Essential checks to make sure your office is functioning for the New Year

Image: Essential checks to make sure your office is functioning for the New Year

As 2016 comes to a close, businesses are starting to look ahead to the coming New Year. With a whole new range of technology and advancements in store, offices across the country will no doubt benefit and become even more cutting edge. Yet what about the essentials already in place? Ensuring that your basic office infrastructure is fully functioning is crucial in order to bring a seamless start to 2017. Here are the essential checks you need to carry out before the New Year begins.


We trust our computers implicitly, with both personal and work data. Yet a hard drive failure can wipe out hundreds of gigabytes of data, and failure is more common than you think, with more than 22% of hard drives failing in their first four years of usage. Storage devices should be constantly evaluated, particularly in a business setting, where data can equate to money, and the progress of a firm. Simple checks on hard drive health, paired with preventative measures like backing up data will avoid any crises. A hugely beneficial solution can be cloud usage, and if your business does not already use cloud solutions, perhaps 2017 should be the year. Safe, seamless and affordable, cloud usage is now in the mainstream and it’s not hard to see why.


Not all checks should be on hardware and software. In fact, one of the most effective checks you can carry out is whether you have an effective tech policy in place. Policy for your office covers a whole range of solutions. From required password changes to pull-print solutions, the right policy can transform an office’s efficiency and save huge chunks of a budget. A pull-printing solution, for example, allows printing only when the user authenticates a request at the printer itself, which reduces queues, misprints and waste. It’s just one of many examples of how a simple policy adjustment can transform a whole firm’s behaviour for the better.


Last but certainly not least is security. Your security is only as good as its last update, and failure to keep your system up to date means a whole host of unwanted viruses and potential breaches are given an open door. You must be completely sure that your security software is up to date, and that no unusual behaviour is occurring across your network. High bandwidth usage with no clear explanation is usually a tell-tale sign of a breach. Be vigilant as well as having security solutions in place, and 2017 should remain a secure and safe year for your office. Fail to do so, and the consequences could be huge.

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