Ensuring staff are on board with managed document solutions

Image: Ensuring staff are on board with managed document solutions

For many businesses, making improvements to document infrastructure in order to cut costs is becoming a priority, especially for more senior organisational staff. However, it’s often the case that for the business, the biggest challenge in delivering change is bringing staff on board with the culture change associated with a new technology structure.

With staff having grown accustomed to being part of and utilising an existing culture, it can be tough to instigate and implement changes to a large team. Implementing Managed Document Solutions bring numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes. From improving the efficiency and workflow of documents, to reducing energy costs by as much as 40%, these changes in working practices enable organisations to become more effective and ensure devices operate in a more efficient, centralised way.

The list of advantages that come with the system is extensive, but ultimately, it’s all great news for businesses. Despite this, as many professionals know, one the biggest challenges a company will face in effectively delivering our solutions and achieving our already challenging KPIs is bringing the staff who will be using the technology on board with a new way of working, and essentially changing their ‘print behaviour’. For example, persuading a PA that they no longer have access to a personal desktop printer, or convincing a busy account manager that that they have to re-learn a document management system can be a huge challenge, especially when the move is perceived as disruptive and interferes with the workload of key staff members.

Whilst this obviously isn’t always the case, it’s clear to see why staff may feel and this resent chances. It’s worth knowing that even if only a small percentage of a workforce are unwilling to fully embrace a new infrastructure, then it will prove to be a struggle to implement adequately and will struggle to reach a full potential.

The real challenge when considering change therefore comes down to ‘winning over’ your workforce. One starting point should be formulating a structured communication plan, allowing you to efficiently communicate the benefits and bigger picture to employees, whether it’s about saving money, improving efficiency and workflow, or operating in a greener capacity. Providing sound reasoning and education from a technical perspective is also important if you’re searching for staff approval. It’s probably inevitable that at some point, staff will be cynical about new technology, perceiving it simply as something else to learn amongst an already heavy workload. However, with a dedicated training programme that focuses in particular on the positive results and benefits of the solution, this can be mitigated.

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