Don’t forget your printer when protecting yourself from cyber attacks

Image: Don’t forget your printer when protecting yourself from cyber attacks

We’re all aware of the threat of having our computers hacked, and with the most recent global cyber-attack, affecting businesses including the world’s biggest shipping container company and Russia’s largest oil company, this threat is only mounting in pressure.

And while printing is not a high security priority, printers that connect to the internet are just as vulnerable to attacks as any other device, and this apparent low risk concern makes them a key target to hackers and a weak link in your company’s IT system.

In fact, earlier this year, one user claimed he managed to successfully hack more than 150,000 printers, sending documents to print, alerting people to the fact the devices had been compromised, to highlight just how vulnerable they are.

Printers can be seen as a ‘back door’ for hackers to sneak through, allowing access to the entire network, including data, and meaning ransomware can be spread to all other devices on the network. Not only this, the typical office printer also has a PC style hard-drive that stores digital copies of every document that has ever been scanned or printed, meaning hackers also have access to your company’s most confidential documents.

But by simply installing a firewall on your printer, you instantly create a barrier to potential security attacks, making you a less appealing target to hackers and, in turn, protecting your business.

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