Does the future of call centres lie with Artificial Intelligence?

Image: Does the future of call centres lie with Artificial Intelligence?

For many service-led companies, the call centre is an integral part of their business and customer service strategy. However, as A.I gradually becomes more common in our every day life, is the future of the call centre about to be revolutionised?

We’re already seeing the use of digital chat bots to initially decipher the nature of a customer’s problem, and lead them to the right department, in a variety of retail departments. However, for simple issues, sometimes the chat bot is able to provide the solution itself, completely eliminating the need to speak to a physical employee.

And some are predicting that this trend will continue to grow, with human employees only having to deal with the customer for really complex issues, meaning they can devote their time to other tasks. A.I can also provide workers with more information on the issue in hand, so as to allow them to solve the problem more efficiently.

As well as this, it has been suggested that A.I will be able to predict customer behaviour on the phone, and recommend to customer service workers the best way to handle the issue.

Although A.I technology is not currently at a level where it can be fully introduced into call centres across businesses, there is no doubt that A.I is, and will continue to shape the future of the industry.

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