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Document security should be a priority for all organisations, however with businesses in the professional services industry, with sensitive operations, ensuring that documents don’t fall into the wrong hands is a clear priority. Even if you aren’t a not be a world leading technology company, banking organisation or law practice with strictly confidential data in storage, we know just how important it is that your documents and networks stay secure. With that in mind, we’ve put together our guide to the best document security solutions.

Secure print

The basic printing process might seem relatively secure, however within the few seconds between an employee hitting print and retrieving the job, there is potential opportunity for your data to be breached. If your workforce aren’t well trained in printing best practice, settings could be mistakenly altered. If a device’s settings and controls are unprotected, you could be leaving yourself open to a breach, as anyone can reroute print jobs and even access vital passwords and network information. Network ‘sniffers’ are also a risk, and if you’re operating on an unsecure print network a ’ sniffer’ can read data travelling between a PC and a printer, exposing the print job, routing addresses and much more. Additionally, it might seem fundamental, but in every office document hard copies are left to rest uncollected in the print tray, leading to a higher risk of hard copy theft.

Mobile print

The progression of bring your own device (BYOD) means that now more than ever, there is a demand for mobile printing. When employees print from tablet devices in the office, at home, or on the go, it is a much more complicated process than a standard print job. This means that, as a business owner, you need to implement whole new technologies, and printing securely becomes a much tougher challenge.

In an unfamiliar environment such as an office which doesn’t have mobile print capabilities, employees may attempt to ‘workaround’ the system in an attempt to print their required documents. Examples of this could be emailing their sensitive documents to unauthorized users to whom it isn’t relative, storing data on unprotected USB devices and using personal email systems as a means of sending the documents. These attempts all jeopardise the security of your document, so if BYOD has become a prominent aspect of your workplace, implementing safe and secure mobile print technologies is vital.

File storage

It might seem unavoidable that correspondence will be delivered to your office in hard copy format, and it might be second nature to print out and store your important invoices and documents in a file, however having a multitude of important and sensitive business documents laying around an office is no longer a safe practice. Modern technologies such as document capture and data capture now allow for documents to be transferred from a hard copy to a digital one, which can then be stored or edited. Not only does this mean all company files can be centralised on your secure network, but it also means that the information can be backed up in a safer way than if you continued to store hard copies in a filing cabinet.

If you’re considering an update of your document solutions, make sure you check out the many ways in which Altodigital can help you out.

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