Do your staff understand your company’s print culture?

Image: Do your staff understand your company’s print culture?

One of the biggest challenges when attempting to implement a new company-wide print culture can be ensuring staff are on board with the change. Some staff can be pessimistic about new technology, some don’t like change and some just don’t understand why changes need to be made.

So how can you convince your staff that this new solution is an improvement?

Managed Document Solutions (MDS) can bring numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes. From improving the efficiency and workflow of documents, to reducing energy costs by as much as 40%. These changes in working practices enable businesses to become more effective, and ensure devices operate in a more efficient, centralised way.

The list could go on, but ultimately, it’s all great news for business. However, as many in the IT industry know, despite the many benefits, for the new print solution to be a complete success, you need to invest time in changing your staffs’ print behaviour. Though persuading a PA that they no longer have access to a personal desktop printer,  or convincing a busy account manager that they have to re-learn a document management system can sometimes be a huge challenge - especially when the move is perceived as disruptive, or worse still, a ‘demotion’ in responsibility or privilege.

However it’s important to remember, if even a small percentage of your workforce are unwilling to fully embrace the new MDS infrastructure, then it is unlikely to ever achieve its full potential, and will put you under enormous pressure to achieve your organisational objectives.

The main challenge therefore is convincing your staff that the new system really is better for everyone. A starting point should be formulating a structured communication plan to clearly, concisely and effectively communicate the MDS ‘bigger picture’ to employees - whether that be saving money, improving efficiency and workflow, or operating in a greener capacity. Education from a technical perspective is important for user adoption.

Many staff will be cynical about new technology, perceiving it simply as something else to learn in an already busy working week. However, with a dedicated training programme that focuses in particular on the positive results and benefits of the solution, this can be mitigated.

For example, our scan to network solutions feature a sophisticated digital indexing interface, meaning users no longer have to scan and file individual documents, a process which can take up a significant amount of time. As soon as you demonstrate how this can streamline a previously time-intensive task to those involved, people will be immediately on board.

Once the MDS is in place, your vendor’s job isn’t done, they should constantly evolve the system and keep you in the know with updates (or at least we do for our clients). You should follow this example with your staff and constantly keep them informed of the future of the MDS system.

Another incentive to encourage your staff to implement the new MDS system is to offer a reward based scheme, for example; the member of staff that prints the least over the course of the month will then receive a reward for ‘being green.’

So, the next time you really want to make an impact with a managed document solution, take a more holistic view and encourage your staff to do the same. You can have the best solution in the world, but unless your staff are behind it, it will never reach its full potential. Remember, this is as much about the people and helping your staff than it is about the technology.

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