Cyber Security risks: human error

Image: Cyber Security risks: human error

In the last few months, there have been a large number of cyber-attacks on organisations across the globe, from the UK’s NHS to the Home Box Office in the US. However, while many companies are aware of the risks of these cyber-attacks, many are not aware of the extent to which human error, on the part of employees, can play a role in these threats.

In reality, employees can be a company’s greatest vulnerability, and can be the weak link in the company’s chain.

Here are just a couple of ways to eliminate the insider-risk:

Educate employees

Employees can mistakenly release secure information to a potential hacker introducing themselves as a trustworthy person related to the business. Additionally, employees can also run the risk of inviting a data breach into a business by clicking on malicious links that may find their way into their email inbox.

Training your employees to recognise these potential breaches can be a simple step towards protecting your business.

Password policies

By introducing policies on employees’ passwords, you can ensure your company’s system is more robust and harder to break into. Ensuring that employees must regularly update their passwords, as well as placing restrictions on the passwords themselves, you provide an extra barrier to cyber-threats.

By implementing the right planning and procedures, companies can minimise their vulnerability to cyber-threats, and turn employees from the weak link to the strongest line of defence.

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