Artificial Intelligence: What does it mean for cyber security?

Image: Artificial Intelligence: What does it mean for cyber security?

With the recent spate of cyber-attacks on large companies and organisations, ranging from the NHS to Parliament, it’s no surprise that organisations are looking to strengthen their security. But how can A.I help companies protect themselves from cyber threats?


A.I has the ability to process vast amounts of data with incredible speed and accuracy, meaning that it can provide a basis to improve detecting threats, by shortening response times and refining techniques for telling the difference between incidents that can be safely ignored and serious security breaches.


Using A.I in cyber security means that human employees have more time to spend on more complex tasks. Instead of highly talented workers spending time on repetitive tasks, A.I can mimic what an analyst would do and takes on these processes, allowing employees to get on with more challenging tasks, such as identifying and protecting the company against new and complex threats.

Behavioural patterns

One key benefit of A.I is its ability to analyse unstructured data to gain an understanding of behavioural patterns, which can provide additional information and insights to cyber security workers. This continuous monitoring of behavioural patterns also means anomalies can be quickly identified to help spot potential threats.

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