Anti-virus technology – why less is sometimes more

Image: Anti-virus technology – why less is sometimes more

With the continuous trend of cyber-attacks affecting businesses of all sizes, it is no surprise that anti-virus protection is becoming more important than ever. However, while you would be forgiven for thinking that investing in multiple anti-virus software would provide stronger protection, this can actually be counter-intuitive in protecting your device.

Anti-virus software can protect you against a whole host of problems with your computer, including malware, spyware, spam emails, and identity theft. However, installing more than one set of software to scan and monitor your computer can cause additional issues, as the applications are likely to interfere with each other.

As anti-virus programmes work by searching a device’s system for other programmes that are monitoring and sending information about the system, a competing anti-virus programme tends to look like a virus, meaning that the competing programmes will continuously attempt to block and remove each other.

As well as this, having more than one anti-virus programme will use a lot of your device’s memory, causing it to run much slower, and with less efficiency.

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