Altodigital celebrate ISO accreditation

Image: Altodigital celebrate ISO accreditation

We can now offer our customers the highest levels of protection against cyber threats.

We have invested a significant amount of resources and funding to gain the UKAS approved global standard for security and safety ISO 27001 - recognised internationally as a world class information security management system making us just one of a handful of dealers who hold this ISO rating.

Driven by our board here at Altodigital, the large-scale project was implemented to address our own vulnerabilities, as well as protect our customers’ data. It was also implemented to prepare us for the increasing worldwide reliance on the internet and future-proof against new technologies.

Martin Chamberlain, Senior Information Risk Owner and SIRO, Management Information Systems MIS Director here at Altodigital, said the accreditation is great news for existing and future clients of the business, as well as the company itself.

“The ISO accreditation distinguishes us from other companies and means we have robust business continuity processes in place to ensure that assets are protected from destructive events and control measures are in place to ensure the loss of critical assets can be recovered in a controlled and safe manner.

“It is more than just a certificate or a badge this is really about going to the depths of our business and making sure we are credible. We have looked at all of our vulnerabilities and we have fixed them,” he added.

In the face of ever improving technologies, greater use of the internet, and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, we believes we have safeguarded ourselves and our clients for the future.

“The client’s data has an extra level of protection due to the robust processes and systems we have in place. It’s the highest level of operational service we can give,” said Mr Chamberlain.

“Data breaches are increasing faster than ever. We have smart technology in the office, at home, in cars, it’s everywhere. The whole world is moving towards that and we’re not going to stop. Companies need to have the accreditation. We have prepared for events should they arise,” he added.

The ISO rating is also key for manufacturers who partner with us at Altodigital.
“The accreditation means we are not only protecting our customer’s data, but also the products, the hardware that is used, so we are also protecting the brand name of our suppliers,” said Mr Chamberlain.

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