A strategy for dealing with culture change

Image: A strategy for dealing with culture change

For years employees may have had their own print devices, situated conveniently and used on demand whatever their requirement. So how does an organisation overcome resistance to change when device numbers are reduced and new technology is installed?

A new print solution will enhance an organisations productivity and makes life much easier for staff by offering improved functionality and better quality print output. But the key to success is user buy-in and early adoption of the new solution.

Successful print partnerships involve dealing with culture change jointly and implementing a long term strategy to communicate with your staff is crucial. Developing effective communication strategies and electing ‘Green Champions’ can aid the transition and assist with a successful installation.

Educate users and focus on the benefits of the print solution by including these elements in a detailed communication strategy, i.e. at an end user level, the additional speed and functionality, whilst from a holistic perspective the overall commercial savings on the project relating to cost reduction and lowering of carbon output.

Activities such as training sessions and product road shows give the end user firsthand experience of the new technology, ensuring they have realistic expectations around the print retrieval process and precise capabilities of the equipment and offering the opportunity for end users to ask questions.

Electing ‘Green Champions’ can play a major role in encouraging culture change and helping to smooth the transition to new technology and printing practices. By working together as a team they become effective culture movers, whilst representing the new solution and assisting in promoting the benefits to the end user.

Whilst a managed print solution will bring rewarding benefits in terms of controlling print output, reducing cost and improving efficiency, it’s essential to consider culture change as part of any new solution and how this will be addressed to ensure you reap the full rewards.


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