8 Ways Cloud Printing Can Save Your Business Time And Money

Image: 8 Ways Cloud Printing Can Save Your Business Time And Money

We’re constantly hearing that cloud is set to revolutionise the business IT world, and printing is certainly no different. By taking out a lot of the stress and helping businesses to save money, cloud printing is rapidly becoming something that all businesses need to be aware of.

Nigel Allen, marketing director at KYOCERA Document Solutions looks into the advantages of printing via the Cloud.

Printing can be an exhausting process without the right measures in place. Many businesses waste a huge amount of time and money on inefficient printers and procedures, yet it really doesn’t have to be this difficult. Cloud printing is effortless, enabling businesses to print anytime and anywhere. Printers are accessed via a network, and the cloud management company hosts a dedicated virtual print server for you.

Here are 8 ways cloud printing can save your business time and money.

1. Use any printer anywhere

Cloud printing enables you to print documents to different locations, whether that’s a different office or a different country. This is both more efficient for mobile employees, but also means that settings and processes can be more easily standardised across different departments, locations and buildings.

2. Print using different devices

In today’s office environment we’re used to being able to work from a variety of different devices, whether that’s a smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer. It’s only natural that we’d want this flexibility to extend to printing, and cloud printing offers this functionality.

3. Always up to date

We’ve all been there, as our machine spent ages searching for a device, only to demand the most recent software update. Cloud printing automates all software upgrades and delivers them instantly, meaning management, IT support and employees don’t have to waste valuable time.

4. Less troubleshooting and support needed

Save your employees and your IT support team a lot of unnecessary angst, as cloud printing allows for more effective management and remote resolution of any technical issues.

This means that your IT team can use their valuable time where it’s most needed – by focussing on identifying areas of innovation rather than mundane printing issues. It also means that other staff are spending their time doing their jobs, rather than waiting for resolution of issues beyond their control.

5. Employees don’t have to replace toner and ink

Never again will you be faced with an empty printer cartridge shortly before an important meeting, or waste valuable time asking employees to identify and order replacements. Cloud printing monitors usage and toner levels, meaning that supplies are sent out automatically in plenty of time.

6. Look out for bad habits, and improve them

One of the most effective ways to save money is to gain increased visibility of how your printers are being used. With cloud printing you can record what has been printed, when and by whom, giving you valuable data to analyse and react to. With this data you can work out where savings could be made, and allocate costs more effectively to individual teams and employees if necessary.

7. Enforce company printing policies

Because cloud printing allows for standardised policies to be applied across multiple devices, this means that even the most stringent corporate policies can be more easily adhered to. As well as reducing wastage and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, this also reduces the potential for staff to inadvertently fall foul of company policy.

8. Save money and improve your eco credentials

Get on board with cloud printing and you can save money whilst also improving your eco credentials. Documents don’t need to be posted or transported between offices, because they can be printed anywhere. This saves on travel costs, the amount of paper used and reduces your carbon footprint.

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