5 ways your competitors are benefiting from VoIP

Image: 5 ways your competitors are benefiting from VoIP

Businesses need to find scalable, cost effective ways of staying connected. By 2020, the number of subscribers using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is likely to increase to around 204.8 billion (from 98.9 billion in 2012). That’s significant and means that your competitors could potentially outpace yours if you’ve yet to consider how VoIP telephony can best support the way you work.

“45% of UK businesses are already using VoIP telephony. Connectivity is crucial because we now work in different ways.”

Cast your mind back a few years. The workplace for us all has changed. The way we do business, how and when we work and communicate with our customers and each other has significantly shifted.

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Generation X is on the move, working from home, from different sites, and on the go - during the day and night. Businesses are now investing in technologies that support this evolution, making it easier, more flexible and cost effective for their employees to do their job and to connect with the people that matter.

Such dramatic changes mean you must consider how VoIP can make your business more responsive and agile

The latest research confirms that the popularity of VoIP is growing with an increasing uptake from the b2b community. With a growing number of UK businesses already using VoIP telephony, it’s a sign of things to come!

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So how are your competitors benefiting?

1. Providing a flexible working environment: they are supporting the way their employees now work. On the move, mobile, at the office, overseas or from home – a VoIP system means they can connect from almost any device around the clock, wherever they are.

2. Saving costs and securing savings: they are more than likely saving between 50% and 70% of their current spend on calls, equipment and telephony maintenance.

3. Providing great customer experiences: they are ensuring customers enjoy the best possible service.

4. Future proofing their business: with the likelihood of PSTN and ISDN being phased out over the next few years, they are ensuring their business is one step ahead of the switch-off and ready to do business.

5. Benefiting from enhanced productivity: an efficient and connected business is a successful one and more likely to impress customers and to attract top business talent.

Remember: VoIP is not just a flexible, affordable technology that keeps you connected and grows as your business grows, it’s something you can’t afford to turn down!

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