5 ways to solve your print contract headaches

Is managing your print contract proving to be a nightmare? Fed up with hefty upgrade charges on your print equipment lease agreement? Factor in unforeseen breakdowns and additional costs for excessive print use, toner cartridges, volume etc and it becomes impossible to predict and plan budgets. Here we’ll look at how you can solve these print contract headaches.

Did you know, you can save up to 30% on your colour print charges?

If you’re looking for alternative routes, here are 5 things to consider when reviewing different types of print contract:

1. Negotiate an agreement that gives you a single, per unit rate whether it’s for black and white or colour print

With colour print being more expensive than black/mono print, different fee structures often kick in which can give you an unpleasant surprise on your next invoice. Look for agreements offering a single, transparent per unit rate for both types, and you could save up to 30% on your colour print usage.

2. Only consider agreements that allow you to upgrade whenever you want/need to

Often at the end of a lease period you are left with equipment that can no longer do the job and receive an invoice for a costly upgrade. You may also find that your needs change a few months in, but you have to wait until the end of the lease period to upgrade. Choosing a flexible contract that incorporates and allows for print equipment upgrades and additions as and when you need them is a great option, practically and financially.

Upgrading your print equipment minimises the need for maintenance/service visits keeping IT off your back!

3. Bundle everything into a single agreement

Bundling together all of your print and service contract requirements and costs into a single agreement/single fee agreement is a far more sensible solution. Especially when it comes to budgeting and print management. Why sign multiple contracts, with different providers when 1 agreement can do exactly the same job?

Finding it difficult to accurately account for your print costs and understand fee structures?

4. Check out what your agreement covers and what fee structures apply

You must be able to manage your print, servicing and toner costs with surety and not be faced with moving costs and fees.

Look for a bundle contract that works on a single fee/cost basis that covers print, toner and all service costs – in fact your entire print contract. It will make life much easier.

5. Think: is this agreement going to save me time and money?

Don’t make your print contract more complex than it needs to be. You need to keep your eye on the many other daily tasks that matter to your business. Consider working with a single supplier, on a single print contract/fee contract basis, so you can go and do what you do best without fear of costs spiralling out of control and your print technology failing.

Go ‘all inclusive’ with your print contract this summer!

There is a much smarter way of managing your print contract so you can take back the control and keep your environment running smoothly and efficiently – an agreement that will grow, as you grow.

More and more and more businesses across the UK are opting to bundle their costs into a single payment agreement, covering all aspects of their print contract.

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