3D printing in the office or a 3D printed office?

Image: 3D printing in the office or a 3D printed office?

We’re in the midst of a digital age where the majority of people know what a 3D printer is and what it can do, but its potential hasn’t quite revolutionised the office world yet.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we talk quite often about the amazing world of 3D printers and they can contribute towards your office become more productive, yet we didn’t expect to be talking about an actual 3D printed office so soon!

Recent state-funded investment in Dubai has put the country at the forefront in terms of technological development and innovation, resulting in advances such as the Dubai Future Foundation, an independent body aimed at investing in future innovation.

Therefore, it isn’t a huge surprise that the world’s first 3D office is the product of a state funded building in the centre of Dubai.

The office was built in just 17 days and cost under £110,000. It was built using an industrial 3D printer that measures 120 feet tall and 40 feet wide and features a unique robotic arm.

The building used 3D printing technology to offer services such as electricity, water, air-conditioning, and a phone line. It’s also reported that the ‘latest technology’ has been used in the management of information systems within the building.

The printer used a mixture of cement and building material. Rather than a full team of construction engineers, the building was led by one person who monitored the printer during the building process, another seven people were on hand to install building components, while 10 electricians and other specialists installed other features. Overall cutting labour costs by more than 50 per cent.

To push innovation further, workers also used mobile printers throughout the construction process and once the components were printed, the office was built within two days.

Take a look at the full video of the new building here:

Although, we don’t expect everyone to run out and create a new 3D printed office, this shows the importance 3D printing will have in the corporate world and how it will ultimately help businesses save costs.

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