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Alto takes on the Emirates

Image: Alto takes on the Emirates

We were delighted to take to the world-renowned Emirates Stadium earlier this month to present our largest-ever technology showcase. We welcomed more than 100 people from 73 businesses nationwide to Arsenal Football Club to raise awareness of the upcoming mandatory General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – and to take a little tour around…


Last week, payday loan company, Wonga, announced it had suffered a data breach which could affect up to 245,000 UK customers. The information stolen by hackers includes names, addresses, phone numbers and bank account details. Professor Alan Woodward, a cybersecurity expert at the University of Surrey, told the BBC “it was…


Technology dramatically shapes the world of business and gives modern day offices the tools and abilities to communicate in a global market. The influx of different technology in the last ten years has been staggering, and now allows us to improve the way we work. Communication Some advancements are obvious,…


Infographic: Security Shockers - Part II

Image: Infographic: Security Shockers - Part II

Have you seen our latest research? It’s revealed that 18% of UK business’ IT systems have been hacked or spammed, and more than half (53%) of this was due to phishing emails. Check out our results in this infographic.


How to protect your computer when out of the office

Image: How to protect your computer when out of the office

With cybercrime on the rise, millions are being targeted yearly so it’s important to protect your devices, especially when you find yourself out of the office. Travelling for work is quite common, but are you prepared and protected from those seeking to hack you on-the-go? Your laptops, tablets, and…


Last year we saw a huge surge in global - and seemingly untouchable - organisations including Yahoo, LinkedIn and even presidential candidate Hilary Clinton subjected to IT hacks. Not only are high profile cases the issue, but according to our own research – it seems that UK business are also taking…


The secret winner of the cyber security war

Image: The secret winner of the cyber security war

Most businesses have software to protect them from a cyber-attack, with back up data and hardware ensuring that hackers won’t be able to put the company at risk. However, very few companies have protection against the real winner of the cyber security war…. The squirrel. According to security expert,…


How to ensure your device is protected

Image: How to ensure your device is protected

With cyber-crime and hacking seemingly making its way into the news on a regular basis, now is a better time than ever (if you haven’t already) to safeguard your device against criminals. Computers and laptops are at the epicentre of online crime, with the Office of National Statistics estimating…


Digital Quality management systems, why bother?

Image: Digital Quality management systems, why bother?

As firms have modernised, they have taken on numerous technological changes. Yet many have neglected their quality management systems, with paper solutions still popular. Keeping your QMS in paper-based format can hold a firm or business back. Last year, Starbucks found itself in an employee law suit after errors made…


Cyber security for the small businesses

Image: Cyber security for the small businesses

World business news is currently dominated by cyber-attacks. Be it a high-profile data breach, or a large-scale hacking theft such as the one carried out on Tesco recently. With business giants and even government organisations struggling to hold back the cyber security threat, what does this new danger pose for…


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