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Technology to keep staff productive

Image: Technology to keep staff productive

The workplace of today strives for technological advances that will significantly improve office productivity. The biggest problem facing UK businesses is deciding whether a piece of technology is just a passing fad or worth investing in, and the best time to introduce it. To make your life a little easier,…


The technology age has ushered in unseen levels of productivity worldwide. There can be no doubt that the advent of computers gave businesses a huge productivity shot, as of 2013 giving workers a huge boost of 84% an hour compared to the rate of the 1970’s worker. Yet, for some, such productivity…


Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between technology that is going to improve productivity, or simply just the latest fad. With this being said, we at Altodigital have provided tips to differentiate between a fad or a worthwhile upgrade which will benefit your business, and have broken them down…


Five Top Tips for Boosting your Office WiFi Speed

Image: Five Top Tips for Boosting your Office WiFi Speed

There is nothing more frustrating than working in an environment that has a poor internet connection. Not only does this raise tensions within the office but ultimately it costs you time and of course money. With this in mind, we have put together five tips to help you boost your…


Altooffice fits out new offices for at800

Image: Altooffice fits out new offices for at800

Having the responsibility for the television viewing of the whole UK is a big task and to perform to the best of its ability, at800 felt it needed to revamp its offices on Baker Street, London. This is where we at Altodigital came in to help. We were asked to…


Three steps to ensure your printing is efficient

Image: Three steps to ensure your printing is efficient

It isn’t a coincidence that the most profitable businesses are also the most efficient. Although to some it may seem like common sense, there are many businesses out there that aren’t aware of the internal inefficiency that is impacting their profits. Often when a business grows at a…


Printing FAQs

Image: Printing FAQs

Saving costs as a business is always a priority, and no matter how big or small your organisation is, financial savings should always be at the forefront of staff minds. We know it can be tough to alter a print culture in the workplace, so it’s often easier to…


Can a true paperless office become a reality?

Image: Can a true paperless office become a reality?

Since the concept of an ‘office’ was first invented, paper has played a major role in documenting activity and planning for future projects. However in recent decades, there’s been increasing scrutiny on the role that paper plays in an office environment. The rise of digital media in the workplace…


Wearable Technology in the Office

Image: Wearable Technology in the Office

From the development of the pocket watch, wearable technology has been a key part of modern living. It is comfortably grounded in home life, but is it now time for wearable tech to make the leap into the office as well? Although mobiles and tablets aren’t wearable technology, we…


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