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The benefits of pull printing

Image: The benefits of pull printing

Whilst relatively widespread, some offices and institutions are still yet to make the transition to pull printing. With huge amounts of ink used every year, a poorly run printing system can cause headaches for managers and financial directors alike. Here are some the main benefits of making the transition to…


How has the workplace changed since 2006?

Image: How has the workplace changed since 2006?

Every day, millions of us use technology in the workplace, but have you ever considered just how much it has changed in the last decade? We have looked into how technology has affected our working life over the past ten years. You might think that over the course of a…


Why QMS matters

Image: Why QMS matters

With the national news filling our heads with examples of how poor quality management can lead to the downfall of a company, think Aldi and Starbucks, we can see the importance of quality for a company’s reputation. It may come as a surprise that even hygiene can play a…


Do you need to tackle your company’s print behaviour?

Image: Do you need to tackle your company’s print behaviour?

Managed Document Solutions (MDS) can bring numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes - from improving the efficiency and workflow of documents, to reducing energy costs by as much as 40%. These changes in working practices enable organisations to become more effective and ensure devices operate in a more efficient, centralised…


Managed Print Solutions and efficiency

Image: Managed Print Solutions and efficiency

Due to pressure from various sources, businesses across the country are now facing their toughest challenges regarding their print structure, regardless of size, locality or structure. Wasteful business practices are no longer acceptable and particularly in SMEs, costs are required to be cut. In order to boost energy and cost…


Web2Print Simplified

Image: Web2Print Simplified

Here is what Web-to-print can do, explained in layman terms: About Referred to as several names – web-to-print, web2print, remote publishing or print e-commerce – web-to-print refers to the practice of conducting print business using web-software, giving the consumer the power to tailor print products to their needs and print it…


Saint-Gobain is a world leader in the habitat and construction markets with more than 350 years industry experience. After decades of sustained growth, Saint-Gobain had a large head office based in Coventry, alongside multiple building distribution sites for brands such as Jewson, Graham, Roger Jones and Bassetts, with branches spread throughout…


The I.T Manager’s Christmas list

Image: The I.T Manager’s Christmas list

We all have items we’d like Santa to put under the tree for us, but if you’re in the IT industry, these things might be a little different to the traditional socks and aftershave. We’ve created a list containing a few items which we believe should be…


Back to basics with Print Management Software

Image: Back to basics with Print Management Software

As a business owner, when was the last time you reviewed or updated your internal policies? Are you 100% confident that your business is running as effectively as possible? If your business infrastructure has been the same since your business started, it may be time for a change. In today’s…


The Future of Biometrics

Image: The Future of Biometrics

Biometrics offers high level security solutions in comparison to traditional password security and in recent years, the use of biometrics has increased significantly in our everyday and business lives. Two years ago, the adoption of biometric finger print scanning on our mobile technology was predicted to be the future and…


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