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Key tips for a smartphone-friendly office

Image: Key tips for a smartphone-friendly office

Our smart devices are an essential cornerstone of our daily lives, and offer infinite functionality. Tablet devices are set to out-sell laptops by the end of 2016, and with the power of a traditional computer in our pockets, it’s a logical progression to implement this power not only for leisure,…


How printing is changing with society

Image: How printing is changing with society

With advancing technologies in hardware and software, offices should be seeing continual progression and growth when it comes to managed print services. That being said, across numerous industries, the office culture, and the way a workforce operates often results in a reluctance to change. Here are some key areas where…


How has the workplace changed since 2006?

Image: How has the workplace changed since 2006?

Every day, millions of us use technology in the workplace, but have you ever considered just how much it has changed in the last decade? We have looked into how technology has affected our working life over the past ten years. You might think that over the course of a…


We’re constantly hearing that cloud is set to revolutionise the business IT world, and printing is certainly no different. By taking out a lot of the stress and helping businesses to save money, cloud printing is rapidly becoming something that all businesses need to be aware of. Nigel Allen,…


Web2Print Simplified

Image: Web2Print Simplified

Here is what Web-to-print can do, explained in layman terms: About Referred to as several names – web-to-print, web2print, remote publishing or print e-commerce – web-to-print refers to the practice of conducting print business using web-software, giving the consumer the power to tailor print products to their needs and print it…


Can technology help with employee wellbeing?

Image: Can technology help with employee wellbeing?

As technology is advancing, more forms of it are entering the workplace, although not in the ways that you’d think. Wearable technology has seen a huge surge in popularity, especially in recent months with the launch of the Apple Watch, Google Glass and FitBit. But can the use of…


Getting to grips with mobile print

Image: Getting to grips with mobile print

Mobile is here and it’s growing; we constantly hear about how the sales of tablet devices continue to grow, whilst the laptop is becoming a thing of the past. Over the last 12 months we have seen increasing demand for mobile print solutions from companies of all sizes, as BYOD…


Fingerprint technology has been around on the mobile market for quite some time now. Though Apple is claiming that they’ve built the first ever functional “Touch ID” sensor in the iPhone 5s model, the Motorola Atrix released on January 2011 was the first ever smartphone to feature a biometric scanner.…


Why implement managed print services?

Image: Why implement managed print services?

It’s a common misconception that, whilst big businesses can have a cost effective managed print service implemented, it isn’t worthwhile if you’re a small or medium enterprise. However, with advancements in technologies throughout the field, this is no longer the case. Whilst it might have been a…


In this guest blog post from our valued partners at Lexmark, their Product Marketing Manager, Tony Lomax takes a look into the importance of adapting with technology, the growing importance of mobile solutions and the integrations of schemes such as BYOD. Tony Lomax, Product Marketing Manager at Lexmark Continued economic…


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