We’re all aware of the threat of having our computers hacked, and with the most recent global cyber-attack, affecting businesses including the world’s biggest shipping container company and Russia’s largest oil company, this threat is only mounting in pressure. And while printing is not a high security…


The cost of printing for a company can be a massive expense, with ink, in particular, a huge cost to businesses. In fact, it’s been estimated that UK businesses spend £40m annually, solely on their employee’s printed personal documents alone. But what if there were a way to…


Managed print services can make a huge impact on your business, increasing productivity as cost-effectively as possible. Nevertheless, to fully capitalise on this, you need to find the perfect solution for your business. So what do you need to think about when selecting the right managed print services for your…


The benefits of pull printing

Image: The benefits of pull printing

Whilst relatively widespread, some offices and institutions are still yet to make the transition to pull printing. With huge amounts of ink used every year, a poorly run printing system can cause headaches for managers and financial directors alike. Here are some the main benefits of making the transition to…


Is your office smart enough?

Image: Is your office smart enough?

A recent survey by computing giants Dell has stated that millennials will quit a firm if the office is not smart enough, with nearly half of the millennials claiming they would leave because of an aging office. It can often be tricky to understand what ‘smart’ entails, with a constantly…


How has the workplace changed since 2006?

Image: How has the workplace changed since 2006?

Every day, millions of us use technology in the workplace, but have you ever considered just how much it has changed in the last decade? We have looked into how technology has affected our working life over the past ten years. You might think that over the course of a…


We’re constantly hearing that cloud is set to revolutionise the business IT world, and printing is certainly no different. By taking out a lot of the stress and helping businesses to save money, cloud printing is rapidly becoming something that all businesses need to be aware of. Nigel Allen,…


The I.T Manager’s Christmas list

Image: The I.T Manager’s Christmas list

We all have items we’d like Santa to put under the tree for us, but if you’re in the IT industry, these things might be a little different to the traditional socks and aftershave. We’ve created a list containing a few items which we believe should be…


Managed Print Services – not just for big businesses

Image: Managed Print Services – not just for big businesses

It is a common misconception that, whilst big businesses can have a cost effective managed print service implemented, it isn’t worthwhile if you’re an SME. However, with recent technological advances, this is no longer the case. Whilst it might have been a struggle to upgrade a system affordably…


Why your business needs managed print services

Image: Why your business needs managed print services

Have you ever considered drafting in an external company to manage your print environment? If you’re beginning to consider the question ‘what is my print environment?’ then your business is probably in need of a helping hand to discover it. Not realising the significance of a business’ print environment…


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