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There’s been a huge focus on BA over the last week and a half in the aftermath of its global systems meltdown, which left 75,000 passengers stranded over the bank holiday weekend. While speculation has been rife over the cause of the IT crash, an external investigation is now underway,…


Why switch to managed document services?

Image: Why switch to managed document services?

The days of the humble filing cabinet have long been numbered. The increase in firms switching to managed document services means that databases are now replacing filing cases, and the benefits are abundant. But how? Firms are often reluctant to change, and shifting the whole way a business operates can…


Is your office smart enough?

Image: Is your office smart enough?

A recent survey by computing giants Dell has stated that millennials will quit a firm if the office is not smart enough, with nearly half of the millennials claiming they would leave because of an aging office. It can often be tricky to understand what ‘smart’ entails, with a constantly…


How printing is changing with society

Image: How printing is changing with society

With advancing technologies in hardware and software, offices should be seeing continual progression and growth when it comes to managed print services. That being said, across numerous industries, the office culture, and the way a workforce operates often results in a reluctance to change. Here are some key areas where…


How has the workplace changed since 2006?

Image: How has the workplace changed since 2006?

Every day, millions of us use technology in the workplace, but have you ever considered just how much it has changed in the last decade? We have looked into how technology has affected our working life over the past ten years. You might think that over the course of a…


Is the office-less business the next big thing?

Image: Is the office-less business the next big thing?

Gone are the days of successful businesses needing office space. With cloud technology and the Internet of Things becoming more and more popular, businesses can have staff all over the world and still run as efficiently as if they were all in the same room. With huge companies such as…


We’re constantly hearing that cloud is set to revolutionise the business IT world, and printing is certainly no different. By taking out a lot of the stress and helping businesses to save money, cloud printing is rapidly becoming something that all businesses need to be aware of. Nigel Allen,…


Document security: Backing up your work and personal files

Image: Document security: Backing up your work and personal files

Document security both in the office and for your personal files is incredibly important. The development of various technologies over the past decade has seen a result whereby most of us now live through our smart phones or other gadget. Within the professional workplace, documents play a huge role. The…


Saving the world with Managed Document Solutions

Image: Saving the world with Managed Document Solutions

Being environmentally sustainable has become such a high profile issue that it is now part of the UN Global Goals. The past ten years have seen significant developments in household recycling, from developments in waste pickups, to using energy saving light bulbs and many homes now having solar panels on…


The hybrid cloud

Image: The hybrid cloud

The term ‘cloud computing’ as we know it, was first coined in 1996, and since then it has become second nature to everybody with even the most basic of technical knowledge. For IT decision makers, it has been the focus of budget, expertise, and time. However, with security presenting itself as…


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