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Virtual Reality in the work place

Image: Virtual Reality in the work place

Technology firm, SPACE has recently announced a concept for a virtual reality headset that transforms a computer desktop into a 360 degree experience, allowing for vastly increased space, compared to a standard desktop computer. VR headsets are trending at the moment alongside the much lauded 3D printer, and it’s clear…


It has been reported in the media recently that the US nuclear weapons force still uses a 1970’s-era computer system and floppy disks, according to a recent government report. Surprisingly, the Government Accountability Office said the Pentagon was one of the several departments where ‘legacy systems’ urgently needed to be…


Our recent research campaign asked 1,000 consumers across the UK quality control from retailers and restaurants.  We found that 94% of customers wouldn’t return to a restaurant if it had a dirty bathroom and 10% of customers have been served food in a restaurant containing a hair. Retailers face a crisis…


The rise of ethical hacking

Image: The rise of ethical hacking

Although the phrase ‘ethical hacking’ sounds like an oxymoron, due to negative connotations of the word ‘hacking’, it can actually be used ethically and to the advantage of businesses. How? We find out… However, not all hacking is necessarily the criminal, destructive act that we see featured in the media.…


35 years of the laptop

Image: 35 years of the laptop

On the 3rd April 1981 the laptop was born. It took five years to create, weighed more than a car tyre and was the size of a sewing machine. Over the course of 35 years, the world has become an increasingly technological place, which is arguably due to the innovation of the…


Why BYOD matters

Image: Why BYOD matters

As our minds continue to be firmly focused on our technology, and the industry begins to prioritise the tablet over the desktop computer, important organisations begin to implement this ever-growing trend into their everyday model. Here, we look at bringing your own device (BYOD) to work and how it benefits…


Back to basics with biometric technology

Image: Back to basics with biometric technology

Cast your mind back to 2013, when Apple released the new iPhone 5s with the feature to unlock your phone using only your fingerprint. Today, this seems like a distant memory, with the use of biometric technology growing daily, but unless you work in specialist technology, it can be a tough…


The Future of Biometrics

Image: The Future of Biometrics

Biometrics offers high level security solutions in comparison to traditional password security and in recent years, the use of biometrics has increased significantly in our everyday and business lives. Two years ago, the adoption of biometric finger print scanning on our mobile technology was predicted to be the future and…


Can technology help with employee wellbeing?

Image: Can technology help with employee wellbeing?

As technology is advancing, more forms of it are entering the workplace, although not in the ways that you’d think. Wearable technology has seen a huge surge in popularity, especially in recent months with the launch of the Apple Watch, Google Glass and FitBit. But can the use of…


Windows 10 and small businesses: is it useful?

Image: Windows 10 and small businesses: is it useful?

Jack Smithson is the Content Editor for The Formations Company, a leading UK formation agent that helps budding entrepreneurs to start their own business. Windows 10, has been dominating the media (especially if you’re in tech like us) recently and comes at a much-needed time for small businesses. With the…


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