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3D printing is an area of technology that is rapidly developing, with the industry expected to grow by more than 31% per year between now and 2020. And with companies such as HP investing in the technology, it’s starting to become more and more readily available to businesses of all types. …


The cost of printing for a company can be a massive expense, with ink, in particular, a huge cost to businesses. In fact, it’s been estimated that UK businesses spend £40m annually, solely on their employee’s printed personal documents alone. But what if there were a way to…


How a business can save money by printing smarter

Image: How a business can save money by printing smarter

Saving energy, using less fossil fuels and becoming more sustainable are all hot topics for politicians, the public and businesses alike. It can be especially hard for SMEs to make the transition to becoming a ‘green’ business. Although print costs add up to nearly £9,000 per year in the average UK…


How printing is changing with society

Image: How printing is changing with society

With advancing technologies in hardware and software, offices should be seeing continual progression and growth when it comes to managed print services. That being said, across numerous industries, the office culture, and the way a workforce operates often results in a reluctance to change. Here are some key areas where…


How to create an environmentally friendly office

Image: How to create an environmentally friendly office

With our ever busy daily routines, we’ve all been in a situation where we are so busy, sometimes things just drop off our to-do list. Practising sustainability is something that can easily drop off that list. However, it is something that can be done without taking extra time or…


We’ve recently worked with one of the UK’s leading provider of behavioural care, ensuring that the company has an efficient printing system that can save money across its 400 locations, where possible. This is exactly what we installed for them. Before we began work with Priory Group, it had…


The I.T Manager’s Christmas list

Image: The I.T Manager’s Christmas list

We all have items we’d like Santa to put under the tree for us, but if you’re in the IT industry, these things might be a little different to the traditional socks and aftershave. We’ve created a list containing a few items which we believe should be…


Printing for start-up SMEs

Image: Printing for start-up SMEs

Throughout out blog we always talk about large SMEs so what changes when you are a start up? When running a business, print solutions are an essential aspect when it comes to maintaining an efficient company model. Even in this digital age, with many companies leading towards a paperless office…


Printing FAQs

Image: Printing FAQs

Saving costs as a business is always a priority, and no matter how big or small your organisation is, financial savings should always be at the forefront of staff minds. We know it can be tough to alter a print culture in the workplace, so it’s often easier to…


How to cut print costs

Image: How to cut print costs

SME’s come in all shapes and sizes, however one thing they have in common is that everyone wants to cut their costs. Print costs are, for the most part, seen as unavoidable in many organisations, and it’s seen by many to be an element of company spending that…


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