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Pakeman Primary School is a national award winning school based in the London Borough of Islington that provides outstanding education to 2-11 year olds. Having grown up around the corner, Altodigital’s CEO, James Abrahart, is a former pupil of Pakeman Primary School and holds the school close to his…


SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

Image: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

The world of technology is often full of acronyms and can sometimes be slightly confusing. Technology stopped being solely about hardware a long time ago and software is making just as many waves in the industry, with advances like virtual reality and self-driving cars receiving a lot of attention. Cloud…


Technology dramatically shapes the world of business and gives modern day offices the tools and abilities to communicate in a global market. The influx of different technology in the last ten years has been staggering, and now allows us to improve the way we work. Communication Some advancements are obvious,…


Technology to keep staff productive

Image: Technology to keep staff productive

The workplace of today strives for technological advances that will significantly improve office productivity. The biggest problem facing UK businesses is deciding whether a piece of technology is just a passing fad or worth investing in, and the best time to introduce it. To make your life a little easier,…


How the ‘big pad’ is making its mark

Image: How the ‘big pad’ is making its mark

Touch screens and so-called smart whiteboards are not a new invention. They have been firmly in the mainstream for a decade now. However, a new wave of these smart board devices is currently growing. They don’t bring too many new concepts, but instead have developed on the initial idea,…


Emerging trends- the newest additions to the smarter office

Image: Emerging trends- the newest additions to the smarter office

By now, most of us are well aware of the modern enhancements that smarter offices are said to bring. In fact, many workers and managers are already using the proclaimed smart office tech of the future. But what about the emerging trends that haven’t been an obvious progression? Whilst…


Tips you can you learn from the greenest office in the world

Image: Tips you can you learn from the greenest office in the world

Earlier in the month, the UKGBC unveiled their new record breaking eco office. The workplace has been heralded as possessing the lowest carbon footprint ever. The focus when refurbishing was placed on well-being and the environment, and whilst it’s not easy to match such a project, there is most…


Top safety tips for the IoT office

Image: Top safety tips for the IoT office

With the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution in full steam, more and more offices are making such functionality a main element of their set up. All in one printer devices, as well as smart thermostats are two of the most popular devices so far. Yet for all the convenience these…


It’s simply unimaginable for most of us to picture carrying out simple day-to-day tasks without the software we are now so reliant on. From word processing and graphic design through to video-calls and emails, software has allowed us to reach levels of productivity that would once seem unimaginable. But…


With Apple’s new flagship office space, Campus 2, set to be completed by the end of the year, we at Altodigital have decided to view the trends that the new headquarters might start, empower and end! Predicted to cost over $5 billion, the project is nothing short of monumental.  Labelled…


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