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With the recent spate of cyber-attacks on large companies and organisations, ranging from the NHS to Parliament, it’s no surprise that organisations are looking to strengthen their security. But how can A.I help companies protect themselves from cyber threats? Speed A.I has the ability to process vast…


There’s been a huge focus on BA over the last week and a half in the aftermath of its global systems meltdown, which left 75,000 passengers stranded over the bank holiday weekend. While speculation has been rife over the cause of the IT crash, an external investigation is now underway,…


Is the office-less business the next big thing?

Image: Is the office-less business the next big thing?

Gone are the days of successful businesses needing office space. With cloud technology and the Internet of Things becoming more and more popular, businesses can have staff all over the world and still run as efficiently as if they were all in the same room. With huge companies such as…


The rise of ethical hacking

Image: The rise of ethical hacking

Although the phrase ‘ethical hacking’ sounds like an oxymoron, due to negative connotations of the word ‘hacking’, it can actually be used ethically and to the advantage of businesses. How? We find out… However, not all hacking is necessarily the criminal, destructive act that we see featured in the media.…


Why choose Document Security Solutions?

Image: Why choose Document Security Solutions?

The more we rely on technology for our business, the more susceptible to fraudulent activity we are. It is all too easy for businesses to fall prey to abuses of trust and dishonest individuals who seek to exploit a business’s ignorance to security. It isn’t uncommon to hear…


Cloud Vs USB

Image: Cloud Vs USB

It has long been debated as to whether cloud technology is finally at the point of surpassing the use of having a physical storage device such as a flash drive, but based on pros and cons between the two, is the choice really that simple? Dropbox Tired by the hassle…


The benefits of a document management system

Image: The benefits of a document management system

As a business owner, you will undoubtedly have heard about how a document management system [DMS] can aid your organisation. However even if you’ve heard the term banded about, you might not know of the effects it can have on a business. If you’re unaware of the effects…


Improving workplace documents with biometrics

Image: Improving workplace documents with biometrics

Document and business security is always at the forefront of the business owners mind, and with progressing technologies, there are many sophisticated security measures that can be taken to keep all aspects of your organisation secure. The use of Biometric technology, and the overall knowledge of the concept is growing…


Five top tips on reducing print costs

Image: Five top tips on reducing print costs

In the business world, printing is essential, there’s no avoiding racking up some costs when it comes to getting a hard copy of some documents. Spending too much on printing is easily avoidable though. Personal printers If your company is still utilising personal printers sitting on the desk of…


Document security on at both the office and on a personal level is hugely important. The development of technologies over the past decade has seen a result whereby most of us now live on the device of our choice. Within the professional workplace, documents play a huge role. All work…


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