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What is The Cloud? How does it work? And how do we access it? We’ve all heard of ‘the cloud’, but not all of us are completely sure of what it is, and more importantly, how it works. And with ‘Cloud Computing’ becoming a more and more common term,…


There’s been a huge focus on BA over the last week and a half in the aftermath of its global systems meltdown, which left 75,000 passengers stranded over the bank holiday weekend. While speculation has been rife over the cause of the IT crash, an external investigation is now underway,…


A simple guide to QMS

Image: A simple guide to QMS

Quality Management Systems (QMS) may already be popular in some industries, but others are more wary about embracing it – believe it or not, many are still unsure of what exactly it does and how it can actually help their organisation. This guide should provide you with all of the information…


Do you need to tackle your company’s print behaviour?

Image: Do you need to tackle your company’s print behaviour?

Managed Document Solutions (MDS) can bring numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes - from improving the efficiency and workflow of documents, to reducing energy costs by as much as 40%. These changes in working practices enable organisations to become more effective and ensure devices operate in a more efficient, centralised…


Managed Print Solutions and efficiency

Image: Managed Print Solutions and efficiency

Due to pressure from various sources, businesses across the country are now facing their toughest challenges regarding their print structure, regardless of size, locality or structure. Wasteful business practices are no longer acceptable and particularly in SMEs, costs are required to be cut. In order to boost energy and cost…


Printing for start-up SMEs

Image: Printing for start-up SMEs

Throughout out blog we always talk about large SMEs so what changes when you are a start up? When running a business, print solutions are an essential aspect when it comes to maintaining an efficient company model. Even in this digital age, with many companies leading towards a paperless office…


Can a true paperless office become a reality?

Image: Can a true paperless office become a reality?

Since the concept of an ‘office’ was first invented, paper has played a major role in documenting activity and planning for future projects. However in recent decades, there’s been increasing scrutiny on the role that paper plays in an office environment. The rise of digital media in the workplace…


How will you be introduced to managed document solutions?

Image: How will you be introduced to managed document solutions?

Managed document solutions (MDS) is often mistaken for something that only applies to print, but in actual fact goes far beyond printing. It can improve your whole workflow and office processes as well as manage and optimise your information. Although it sounds high-tech and complicated, it isn’t the case.…


The hybrid cloud

Image: The hybrid cloud

The term ‘cloud computing’ as we know it, was first coined in 1996, and since then it has become second nature to everybody with even the most basic of technical knowledge. For IT decision makers, it has been the focus of budget, expertise, and time. However, with security presenting itself as…


A strategy for dealing with culture change

Image: A strategy for dealing with culture change

For years employees may have had their own print devices, situated conveniently and used on demand whatever their requirement. So how does an organisation overcome resistance to change when device numbers are reduced and new technology is installed? A new print solution will enhance an organisations productivity and makes life…


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