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Throughout December 2017, Altodigital once again teamed up with the Hospice Quality Partnership (HQP) and Children’s Charity, Promise Dreams, to deliver a special Christmas for hundreds of brave children and their families. This is the fourth year running that we have carried out the extremely rewarding project of delivering thousands…


Top safety tips for the IoT office

Image: Top safety tips for the IoT office

With the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution in full steam, more and more offices are making such functionality a main element of their set up. All in one printer devices, as well as smart thermostats are two of the most popular devices so far. Yet for all the convenience these…


Office tech blunders: A preventative guide

Image: Office tech blunders: A preventative guide

Blunders are an inevitable part of our daily work, and with every technological advancement comes certain teething problems. How many of us have sent an email to a client or colleague instructing them to ‘see attached’ an item, only to forget to actually attaching anything? The email sends, your head…


The worst office tech predictions

Image: The worst office tech predictions

We live in an age of technological marvel that those in the past couldn’t even contemplate. Our homes and offices run on equipment and software that allows us to be more productive than ever. But as we know, it wasn’t always like this. We at Altodigital have collated…


To many, the phrase ‘the internet of things’ (IoT) sounds simply like poor grammar, yet it’s actually the label being used to describe the growing trend of items - from cars to full building controls - being controlled via the internet. It goes without saying that the theory of…


Virtual Reality in the work place

Image: Virtual Reality in the work place

Technology firm, SPACE has recently announced a concept for a virtual reality headset that transforms a computer desktop into a 360 degree experience, allowing for vastly increased space, compared to a standard desktop computer. VR headsets are trending at the moment alongside the much lauded 3D printer, and it’s clear…


Although we’re not even halfway through the year, 2016 has already seen a number of leading brands such as Mars, Starbucks and Aldi encountering serious issues with their quality management. From issues with quality control of stock, to product recalls on a popular line of foodstuffs, it seems that no…


It has been reported in the media recently that the US nuclear weapons force still uses a 1970’s-era computer system and floppy disks, according to a recent government report. Surprisingly, the Government Accountability Office said the Pentagon was one of the several departments where ‘legacy systems’ urgently needed to be…


Goodbye translation issues!

Image: Goodbye translation issues!

If you’re an international business or work within exports and have to liaise with various countries, chances are at times, language barriers can become an issue that could hinder opportunities for your business to grow. Now, thanks to a new advancement in technology, this is something that you have…


Our recent research campaign asked 1,000 consumers across the UK quality control from retailers and restaurants.  We found that 94% of customers wouldn’t return to a restaurant if it had a dirty bathroom and 10% of customers have been served food in a restaurant containing a hair. Retailers face a crisis…


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