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Walk for Dreams

Image: Walk for Dreams

Tim Hubbard, Group Business Development Director, is pleased to announce that he completed the Walk for Dreams on 16th February. He managed to walk the whole ten miles in three hours and raised £3,456.24 – almost double his target! - for Promise Dreams, a national charity that makes the wishes of children…


Quantum computing: what is it?

Image: Quantum computing: what is it?

With news this week that Google is going to offer quantum computing to artificial intelligence researchers, the topic has once again become a talking point in the technology industry. But what is quantum computing? Here at Altodigital, we’ve put together everything you need to know about this emerging technology. …


We’re all aware of the threat of having our computers hacked, and with the most recent global cyber-attack, affecting businesses including the world’s biggest shipping container company and Russia’s largest oil company, this threat is only mounting in pressure. And while printing is not a high security…


For many service-led companies, the call centre is an integral part of their business and customer service strategy. However, as A.I gradually becomes more common in our every day life, is the future of the call centre about to be revolutionised? We’re already seeing the use of digital…


With the recent spate of cyber-attacks on large companies and organisations, ranging from the NHS to Parliament, it’s no surprise that organisations are looking to strengthen their security. But how can A.I help companies protect themselves from cyber threats? Speed A.I has the ability to process vast…


Technology has massively overhauled the way in which we carry out our most mundane day-to-day tasks. From booking a train ticket to paying the bills, smart technology has become our first port of call to complete our to-do lists. So it’s no surprise that this technology is also revolutionising…


5G – what does it mean for businesses?

Image: 5G – what does it mean for businesses?

There’s been lots of news around the arrival of 5G technology, which is due to reach the UK in 2020. Claiming to be up to 100 times faster than the current 4G capability, and to have the ability to download a full HD movie in just 10 seconds, 5G promises to pave…


Tim Hubbard is Helping To Make Dreams Come True

Image: Tim Hubbard is Helping To Make Dreams Come True

Tim Hubbard, Group Business Development Director, is taking part in Walk for Dreams on Sunday 16th July 2017, the biggest annual charity event for Promise Dreams, a national charity that makes the wishes of children with terminal illness come true. Tim started supporting the charity five years ago after friends, Steve…


What is The Cloud? How does it work? And how do we access it? We’ve all heard of ‘the cloud’, but not all of us are completely sure of what it is, and more importantly, how it works. And with ‘Cloud Computing’ becoming a more and more common term,…


3D printing is an area of technology that is rapidly developing, with the industry expected to grow by more than 31% per year between now and 2020. And with companies such as HP investing in the technology, it’s starting to become more and more readily available to businesses of all types. …


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