With the continuous trend of cyber-attacks affecting businesses of all sizes, it is no surprise that anti-virus protection is becoming more important than ever. However, while you would be forgiven for thinking that investing in multiple anti-virus software would provide stronger protection, this can actually be counter-intuitive in protecting your…


Cyber Security risks: human error

Image: Cyber Security risks: human error

In the last few months, there have been a large number of cyber-attacks on organisations across the globe, from the UK’s NHS to the Home Box Office in the US. However, while many companies are aware of the risks of these cyber-attacks, many are not aware of the extent…


With recent statistics revealing that more than four million UK employees now work at least 48 hours a week, it seems we are all spending more time in the office. Which, for most of us, leaves precious little time for those other essential but tedious tasks or ‘life admin’. Here at…


Communications solutions are crucial to a business, especially with the ever-growing trend of remote working. And with the great flexibility of unified communications, companies could benefit hugely from the services on offer. But what exactly is unified communications? What is it? Unified communications is an integrated service comprising of different…


SMEs: The unsuspecting target for cyber-attacks

Image: SMEs: The unsuspecting target for cyber-attacks

With recent cyber-attacks targeting huge organisations such as the NHS, UK Parliament, TalkTalk and Wonga, it would be easy to think that hackers tend to set their sights on large businesses. However, in reality, SMEs are often the most appealing targets for attackers. Without a team dedicated to cyber security,…


Walk for Dreams

Image: Walk for Dreams

Tim Hubbard, Group Business Development Director, is pleased to announce that he completed the Walk for Dreams on 16th February. He managed to walk the whole ten miles in three hours and raised £3,456.24 – almost double his target! - for Promise Dreams, a national charity that makes the wishes of children…


Quantum computing: what is it?

Image: Quantum computing: what is it?

With news this week that Google is going to offer quantum computing to artificial intelligence researchers, the topic has once again become a talking point in the technology industry. But what is quantum computing? Here at Altodigital, we’ve put together everything you need to know about this emerging technology. …


We’re all aware of the threat of having our computers hacked, and with the most recent global cyber-attack, affecting businesses including the world’s biggest shipping container company and Russia’s largest oil company, this threat is only mounting in pressure. And while printing is not a high security…


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