We’re honoured to have teamed up with The Hospice Quality Partnership (HQP) this year, to deliver more than 1,100 presents to children’s hospices throughout the UK this Christmas. It’s the third year in a row that we have gifted toys to children’s hospices, but this year is…


As 2016 comes to a close, businesses are starting to look ahead to the coming New Year. With a whole new range of technology and advancements in store, offices across the country will no doubt benefit and become even more cutting edge. Yet what about the essentials already in place? Ensuring…


How the ‘big pad’ is making its mark

Image: How the ‘big pad’ is making its mark

Touch screens and so-called smart whiteboards are not a new invention. They have been firmly in the mainstream for a decade now. However, a new wave of these smart board devices is currently growing. They don’t bring too many new concepts, but instead have developed on the initial idea,…


3D printing for the workplace - a new era of convenience

Image: 3D printing for the workplace - a new era of convenience

With news this week that HP is moving closer to releasing its 3D printer to the mainstream, it seems we will be dealing with the tech much sooner than many thought. Much is said about the life-changing advancements 3D printing could bring to industries like medicine and manufacturing, but what…


The benefits of biometrics in the workplace

Image: The benefits of biometrics in the workplace

For a long time, the imagination of the future has far exceeded the realities. Yet huge technological advancements in the past decade have meant the future of the workplace is the reality now. At the forefront of this is the trend of biometrics. The collection of biological characteristics like fingerprints…


Digital Quality management systems, why bother?

Image: Digital Quality management systems, why bother?

As firms have modernised, they have taken on numerous technological changes. Yet many have neglected their quality management systems, with paper solutions still popular. Keeping your QMS in paper-based format can hold a firm or business back. Last year, Starbucks found itself in an employee law suit after errors made…


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