Key tips for a smartphone-friendly office

Image: Key tips for a smartphone-friendly office

Our smart devices are an essential cornerstone of our daily lives, and offer infinite functionality. Tablet devices are set to out-sell laptops by the end of 2016, and with the power of a traditional computer in our pockets, it’s a logical progression to implement this power not only for leisure,…


Eight office items you could 3D print right now

Image: Eight office items you could 3D print right now

In the week that a lost statue of Zeus was elevated back to its former glory, 3D printing has shown its infinite capabilities once more. Much has been said about the revolution 3D printing can bring to manufacturing and other industries - but what about the more practical uses in…


Is your office smart enough?

Image: Is your office smart enough?

A recent survey by computing giants Dell has stated that millennials will quit a firm if the office is not smart enough, with nearly half of the millennials claiming they would leave because of an aging office. It can often be tricky to understand what ‘smart’ entails, with a constantly…


With Apple’s new flagship office space, Campus 2, set to be completed by the end of the year, we at Altodigital have decided to view the trends that the new headquarters might start, empower and end! Predicted to cost over $5 billion, the project is nothing short of monumental.  Labelled…


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