The office is a hub of technology and productivity, which in turn requires plenty of power and waste. The average medium sized office uses a whopping 40,000kw/h! Furthermore, with reports coming out this week that by 2040 our tech will require more electricity than we actually produce, the writing is…


The technology age has ushered in unseen levels of productivity worldwide. There can be no doubt that the advent of computers gave businesses a huge productivity shot, as of 2013 giving workers a huge boost of 84% an hour compared to the rate of the 1970’s worker. Yet, for some, such productivity…


Essential tips to secure your multi-function device

Image: Essential tips to secure your multi-function device

A recent survey has shown that to many, security is seen as less of a priority than innovation in business, with leaders concerned about the costs involved with the necessary prevention. This is naïve in the long run due to the high levels of threats present. No more so…


Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between technology that is going to improve productivity, or simply just the latest fad. With this being said, we at Altodigital have provided tips to differentiate between a fad or a worthwhile upgrade which will benefit your business, and have broken them down…


The worst office tech predictions

Image: The worst office tech predictions

We live in an age of technological marvel that those in the past couldn’t even contemplate. Our homes and offices run on equipment and software that allows us to be more productive than ever. But as we know, it wasn’t always like this. We at Altodigital have collated…


Eight office essentials for a start-up business

Image: Eight office essentials for a start-up business

Ever since the .com bubble, there’s been a meteoric surge in entrepreneurship. The power and business potential of the internet has given every one an opportunity to have a go at building a business. But what are the essentials you need during your early days to keep everything running…


To many, the phrase ‘the internet of things’ (IoT) sounds simply like poor grammar, yet it’s actually the label being used to describe the growing trend of items - from cars to full building controls - being controlled via the internet. It goes without saying that the theory of…


Virtual Reality in the work place

Image: Virtual Reality in the work place

Technology firm, SPACE has recently announced a concept for a virtual reality headset that transforms a computer desktop into a 360 degree experience, allowing for vastly increased space, compared to a standard desktop computer. VR headsets are trending at the moment alongside the much lauded 3D printer, and it’s clear…


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