The future office potential of hyper-speed internet…

Image: The future office potential of hyper-speed internet…

The speed of the internet continues to increase worldwide, and this has huge implications, particularly for business, as more and more of us demand to be instantly connected. South Korea lead the way with an average of 26.7 mb/s, followed by Sweden with 19.1 mb/s. The United Kingdom has been…


How printing is changing with society

Image: How printing is changing with society

With advancing technologies in hardware and software, offices should be seeing continual progression and growth when it comes to managed print services. That being said, across numerous industries, the office culture, and the way a workforce operates often results in a reluctance to change. Here are some key areas where…


Altodigital supports Wolverhampton’s young people

Image: Altodigital supports Wolverhampton’s young people

We’re pleased to announce our involvement in and support of Wolverhampton’s leading Youth Zone, The Way. The Way Youth Zone on School Street was established and opened earlier this year to help provide the young people of Wolverhampton (aged 8-19), and young adults with a disability up to…


How to create an environmentally friendly office

Image: How to create an environmentally friendly office

With our ever busy daily routines, we’ve all been in a situation where we are so busy, sometimes things just drop off our to-do list. Practising sustainability is something that can easily drop off that list. However, it is something that can be done without taking extra time or…


Although we’re not even halfway through the year, 2016 has already seen a number of leading brands such as Mars, Starbucks and Aldi encountering serious issues with their quality management. From issues with quality control of stock, to product recalls on a popular line of foodstuffs, it seems that no…


We’ve recently worked with one of the UK’s leading provider of behavioural care, ensuring that the company has an efficient printing system that can save money across its 400 locations, where possible. This is exactly what we installed for them. Before we began work with Priory Group, it had…


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