It has been reported in the media recently that the US nuclear weapons force still uses a 1970’s-era computer system and floppy disks, according to a recent government report. Surprisingly, the Government Accountability Office said the Pentagon was one of the several departments where ‘legacy systems’ urgently needed to be…


Is 3D printing about to turn mainstream?

Image: Is 3D printing about to turn mainstream?

3D printing is a technology that was once expected to revolutionise the world, but due to the price of the actual device and its printing, it hasn’t been as successful as originally planned. However, this could all change. Computer and technology giants, Hewlett Packard has revealed its latest innovation…


How has the workplace changed since 2006?

Image: How has the workplace changed since 2006?

Every day, millions of us use technology in the workplace, but have you ever considered just how much it has changed in the last decade? We have looked into how technology has affected our working life over the past ten years. You might think that over the course of a…


Goodbye translation issues!

Image: Goodbye translation issues!

If you’re an international business or work within exports and have to liaise with various countries, chances are at times, language barriers can become an issue that could hinder opportunities for your business to grow. Now, thanks to a new advancement in technology, this is something that you have…


A simple guide to QMS

Image: A simple guide to QMS

Quality Management Systems (QMS) may already be popular in some industries, but others are more wary about embracing it – believe it or not, many are still unsure of what exactly it does and how it can actually help their organisation. This guide should provide you with all of the information…


According to government research, two-thirds of big UK businesses (businesses with over 250 employees) have been hit by a cyber-attack in the past year. Most of the reported attacks involved viruses, spyware or ransomware the ‘Cyber Security Breaches Survey’ says. Furthermore, a quarter of large firms experiencing cyber breaches are repeatedly…


Five Top Tips for Boosting your Office WiFi Speed

Image: Five Top Tips for Boosting your Office WiFi Speed

There is nothing more frustrating than working in an environment that has a poor internet connection. Not only does this raise tensions within the office but ultimately it costs you time and of course money. With this in mind, we have put together five tips to help you boost your…


Time to upgrade?

Image: Time to upgrade?

The benefits of having efficient IT equipment in your business is priceless, especially if your company spans across an entire county. It can improve the speed, quality and efficiency of work, as well as saving the business valuable time and resources, and protecting confidential information. All of these things were…


Our recent research campaign asked 1,000 consumers across the UK quality control from retailers and restaurants.  We found that 94% of customers wouldn’t return to a restaurant if it had a dirty bathroom and 10% of customers have been served food in a restaurant containing a hair. Retailers face a crisis…


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