No longer keeping ‘IT’ in the family

Image: No longer keeping ‘IT’ in the family

You may have read our recent post about the study we conducted around the print and IT challenges facing SME bosses. It shockingly revealed that managers up and down the country are wasting more than three weeks of their own time each year managing their company’s IT. One such…


Some of the UK’s most renowned ex-professional football players were back on the pitch on Friday 12th June as they took part in the Altodigital Corporate Football Tournament at Wembley Stadium in aid of the Mo Farah Foundation. The Mo Farah Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of…


Bosses of SMEs up and down the country are wasting more than three weeks of their own time each year by attempting to manage their own IT. We commissioned a poll of 500 business decision-makers in SMEs across the UK to help us better understand the challenges faced by small businesses…


Will Paper Become Obsolete?

Image: Will Paper Become Obsolete?

It is no breaking news that more and more we are becoming electronic. Paper is not an obsolete medium as of now, however many believe that an electronically dominated world is not far on the horizon. Although many protest, heading towards a paperless future could be a positive thing, being…


Wearable Technology in the Office

Image: Wearable Technology in the Office

From the development of the pocket watch, wearable technology has been a key part of modern living. It is comfortably grounded in home life, but is it now time for wearable tech to make the leap into the office as well? Although mobiles and tablets aren’t wearable technology, we…


You may not realise it yet, but as a user of the online web, your privacy and personal information is less secure than you thought. An individual’s online presence is best known as a ‘digital footprint’, which is data that has been left behind by the user as a…


Cloud Vs USB

Image: Cloud Vs USB

It has long been debated as to whether cloud technology is finally at the point of surpassing the use of having a physical storage device such as a flash drive, but based on pros and cons between the two, is the choice really that simple? Dropbox Tired by the hassle…


Emails Clogging Up Your Life

Image: Emails Clogging Up Your Life

It’s fair to say that emails have become a frequent daily routine in our everyday lives. With modern technology like smartphones, laptops and tablets, these tools have made global communication easier than ever before. But how often do you really get the chance to manage your emails? Once an…


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