It is always a tough decision on when to buy new computer equipment, it isn’t cheap and it can sometimes mean wasted time installing and organising the new equipment. We feel your pain, but sometimes it is completely necessary. The UK throws away on average 48 million tonnes of electrical…


Can technology really boost our creativity?

Image: Can technology really boost our creativity?

In today’s society, it is not uncommon for an eight year old to be able to use an iPad better than most adults. Whilst it can’t be denied that technology is aiding our children’s artistic minds, what about us? Could technology make you more creative? For the…


8 top tips to “Go Green” in the office

Image: 8 top tips to “Go Green” in the office

During a busy working day at the office it could be easy to forget to practice sustainability within your working environment.  Going “green” is a term that many businesses try to promote despite many people assuming that it is time consuming and not very cost effective.  We understand…


How to stay fit while at your desk

Image: How to stay fit while at your desk

Sitting at your desk for hours at a time for eight hours a day means it is difficult to stay fit while at work. After working a typical nine to five job the last thing you want to do is go to the gym after a long day’s work,…


Working from home

Image: Working from home

For the majority of people, work isn’t the only thing in their lives. More and more new parents are coming back to work now, however it does mean that to ensure you get as much productivity as possible out of your employee while they get to have a perfect…


How is technology changing business?

Image: How is technology changing business?

Within any business, technology plays a huge role, even if on the face of it, the everyday worker doesn’t place a particular interest or value in the equipment and software at their disposal. Whilst it isn’t always crucial to stay at the cutting edge when it comes to…


Who would win in a race, you or your data?

Image: Who would win in a race, you or your data?

Quick answer: Your data will always win. Long answer: As a business owner it’s likely that you know something about data speeds, however it’s unlikely that you are particularly discerning about how they are measured and whether the package you have is actually right for your office. Most…


The growth of biometrics

Image: The growth of biometrics

The knowledge and use of Biometric technology is growing rapidly, both in everyday and business life. However, there are a number of sectors which have seen a stronger uptake than others. In this blog post, Jamie Coombs, our Group Professional Services Manager, explores the issue. Success of Biometrics As a…


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