Maintaining staff productivity outside the office

Image: Maintaining staff productivity outside the office

As much as you’d love to keep your staff team centralised to increase productivity, it’s sometimes inevitable that business will take employees or teams out of the office. If you’re often out of the office dealing with business trips and client meetings, it can be a tricky…


Office resolutions for 2015

Image: Office resolutions for 2015

Go Paperless Talk of the paperless office has been rife for years, without ever really fully coming to fruition; however for many businesses, the progression of technologies is aiding to minimise the amount of paperwork required.  Laptops, computers and tablets can all be found in abundance in the modern…


Top tips for improving conference call efficiency.

Image: Top tips for improving conference call efficiency.

Working from home can, at times, leave you feeling disjointed from your work team. Being a part of the office environment allows for easy communication, and should result in you constantly being aware of work progress. However when working from home, it can be tougher to gauge just how effectively…


Technology is a key area of every modern business, and although from time to time, systems and software can lead to headaches, using technology to maximise your business productivity creates a platform more likely to realise business success. From simple hardware updates, to implementing state of the art software that…


In this guest post from out partners at Lexmark, Mat Stanley, Head of Professional Services & Solutions takes a look at how retailers face a unique blend of challenges when it comes to staffing. In a highly distributed business environment, consisting of headquarters, distribution centres and stores – personnel turnover and…


Office print culture and the changing times

Image: Office print culture and the changing times

With advancing technologies along with new hardware and software technologies, offices should be seeing continual progression and growth when it comes to managed print services. That being said, across numerous industries, the office culture, and the way a workforce operates often results in a lack of change. Here are some…


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